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Sculpture and decanter

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High quality reproduction. Printed on creator silk 300 g/m2 paper with excellent colors. Paper size 45×32 

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“still life with sculpture and decanter”. High quality print made from an original oil on canvas. “One of my greatest favorites is the Italian artist Caravaggio (1571-1610). He painted with great contrast in light and shadow, the shadows in some of his paintings are almost black. In this painting I would like to try a bit of the same, with as dark and diffuse shadows as possible – and almost pure white in the brightest light. A white sculpture was a great challenge, as I had to use the entire range of denominations in one and the same object”. Tellus Vituz


Print 45×32, Print included black frame, Print included wood frame

1 review for Sculpture and decanter

  1. finnandre

    Fantastic picture and great artistic work 😀

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