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Stillife with rose, jug and glass


Original oilpainting on canvas. Framesize 54,8 x 65,8

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Original oilpainting on canvas. Frame included. Picturesize: 42 x 53,2. framesize 54,8 x 65,8

“In shadows deep, a canvas holds its breath,

Dark still life unfolds, a symphony of death.

Silent blooms in midnight’s tender grace,

Captured moments, time’s embrace.

Glimmers dance upon the edges stark,

Where life and shadow interweave and hark.

Candles flicker, casting secrets untold,

A whispered narrative in hues of old.

Each brushstroke whispers tales of night,

In muted colors, dreams take flight.

Eternal quietude in every stroke’s caress,

Dark still life’s mystery, a haunting address”.


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