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Captured by the psyche


Original charcoal and chalk drawing, on toned gray paper. 47×62 cm

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This picture shows a mental ill woman Captured in her own dark psyche. “In the portrait of her soul, hues untold,

A tapestry woven with threads of gold.

Her mind, a canvas of shadows and light,

A symphony of struggles, a relentless fight.

Eyes, windows to a world unseen,

Reflecting the pain that dwells between.

A kaleidoscope of thoughts, swirling and wild,

Yet within the chaos, a spirit beguiled.

Brushstrokes of sorrow, strokes of grace,

In the gallery of her mind, an intricate space.

A dance of emotions, a delicate art,

A mental journey, a fragile heart.

Yet, in each stroke, a resilience gleams,

A quiet strength in the midst of her dreams.

For within the frame of her silent despair,

A masterpiece of courage, beyond compare.”


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