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Sitting modell


Original oil painting on canvas. Frame including. Framesize 59,5 x 80 cm. The motif is painted from live model, 75 hours at the Florence academy of art

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A “model for artists” typically refers to an individual who poses for visual artists, such as painters, sculptors, or illustrators, in order to create works of art. Models play a crucial role in helping artists accurately depict the human form, capture various poses, and explore different expressions. Models can be used for figure drawing, portraiture, anatomical studies, and more.

Models can be hired for life drawing classes, studio sessions, or specific artistic projects. They may pose clothed or unclothed, depending on the nature of the artwork and the artist’s intentions. The presence of a model allows artists to study and understand the nuances of human anatomy, proportions, and movement, aiding them in creating realistic and expressive depictions.


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